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  • 1 live training session with Ryan & Shane to show you the exact steps toHow to make your videos so they convert, best length to use and what to include in the video ad as well as where to send them. 
  • 2nd Live Webinar where we will select a few people who have taken action on the training from the first webinar and we will run a "Hot-Seat" on your video ad promotion. You will get a complete critique of what to change to improve your results.
  • Open mic Q&A and ad reviews (you get to come on live with us to talk and ask questions and show us your stuff for critique).
  • Tools and apps we use and recommend to make your videos look great.
  • How to set up your ads in Facebook Power Editor and choose the right settings, objectives, bidding so you get the most return (hint - most people make the mistake of using video views for the objective here, and you should use it but not the way most people are doing it now).
  • What metrics to monitor once your ad is running and what to look for and make adjustments to.
  • How to make your "Call-To-Action" in the video ad so it's irresistible for them to click on and Where to send people when they click on your ad so you don't lose them.
  • The secret sauce 2nd page to send people to so they want to invest with you.
  • How to set up several "Venus Fly Traps" so once they are on your site, they will be more likely to sign up for your offer.

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"I agree to attend the training and try to implement what I learn so I can provide a case study testimonial for Ryan & Shane"

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